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Lotus Counseling of Montana- Bozeman Psy

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The Lotus Counseling Team offers in-person and telehealth counseling and psychology services in Bozeman and throughout the state of Montana. 

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Meet Team

Meet the Team


Jeffrey K. Ellens Ph.D.

I’ve often said, “While I take my work very seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously.” This basically means that I practice in an easy-going, down-to-earth style that leaves room for both serious discussion and humor. I work well with people from all backgrounds and with a spectrum of issues ranging from serious mental health illnesses to less pervasive adjustment problems. My areas of expertise include depression, anxiety disorders, relationship issues, performance problems (academic, vocational/occupational, athletic), and general life adjustments.


As a psychologist, my job is not to fix people or to help you become something more than they were before. In fact, rather than becoming a new or different person, I believe therapy simply helps people reconnect with the person they’ve always been – or, at least, to the person they’re capable of being! As both a therapist and a human being, I am humbly and passionately committed to helping my clients achieve this goal.

Owner & Clinical Director


Megan Pagano LCPC, MS

Most issues become more manageable when we aren't facing them alone. There is potential for enormous growth through the power of a trusting relationship, and I would be honored to work toward this with you. My approach to counseling is a combination of compassion, realness, humor, and curiosity.

I will provide a nonjudgmental and relaxed environment where we can explore your perspectives, behaviors, emotional experiences, and sense of purpose. Counseling looks different for each individual. My priority is to support you in your self-understanding, development, and ambitions in a way that works for you.


I often utilize observations about the present moment and interactions with clients during session. These can serve as a basis for recognizing patterns of behavior and thought, in order to better understand any relationships you hope to improve. Mindfulness is also a powerful tool, and I work with clients to build skills and routines to make use of this. By forming an authentic, safe relationship and setting personalized goals, we can collaborate to address day-to-day struggles, deeper mental health concerns, relationships, or big existential questions.

Lotus Counseling Clinician


Emily Danza LCPC, MA

Because each of us truly is one-of-a-kind, my work in therapy draws heavily from a person-centered approach that emphasizes rapport-building and the notion that the client is the “expert” of their own life experiences. With the therapeutic relationship placed firmly at the center of the work, I am able to hone-in on my client’s individuality and keep the focus of my clinical work aimed at more fully understanding the client as a whole person.


I emphasize mindfulness in my work with clients, a practice that helps enhance present moment awareness and a tool that often helps people identify the barriers keeping them stuck. Skillfully combined with a mindfulness-based approach, I help clients transform negative thought patterns and reframe in more productive ways to find themselves armed with the tools and techniques they need to work with challenging experiences, emotions, and relationships.


With a personal background in sports and a Master’s Degree in sports and performance psychology from The University of Denver, whether it be athletics, business endeavors, or high-risk occupations (to name a few), I also work with many individuals who want to take their performance to a whole new level, realize their dreams and learn to perform at very high levels – even in the midst of some of the most stressful, time-sensitive, and anxiety-provoking situations imaginable.

Lotus Counseling Clinician


Stanford Spurlock PCLC

Hi. My name is Stanford.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you.

‘One day at a time, sun gon’ shine’ - Kendrick Lamar

Lotus Counseling Clinician


 Ellie Shattuck PCLC

I moved to Bozeman over five years ago from the mountains of western North Carolina. I initially worked at a local nonprofit serving vulnerable teenagers in the Gallatin Valley, before transitioning to work as a School Counselor in the Bozeman Public School District.


My background in working with adolescents and children from diverse backgrounds and experiences has carried over to my work here at Lotus Counseling as I am passionate about working with young people as well as adults who are pursuing healing and deeper meaning in their lives. In my leisure time I enjoy exploring this beautiful valley on foot or skis alongside my family that is comprised of my husband and daughter.

Lotus Counseling Clinician

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